Climate Change Denier Joseph E. Postma Hacks Accounts of Commenters Who Expose Him

Joseph E. Postma is a climate change denier. He uses his master’s in astrophysics to try to convince others to trust his authority. However, Postma has never been able to pass peer review in any legitimate scientific journal regarding anything he has written about climate change. The only place he has been able to post his ideas are to Principia Scientific, which is a website created by Tim Ball, a climate change denier. See here for more information on Postma.

I stumbled upon Postma’s blog, which was littered with incorrect claims, but allowed for users to post comments. I commented on one of Postma’s posts, and he responded. Along the way, Postma engaged in some extremely dishonest behavior, eventually commenting using my username to agree with him. Yes, Postma posed as me to make it look like he was correct and that I was agreeing with him. I was also blocked from commenting any further, so that I would not be allowed to point this out.

This article outlines this entire conversation. The entire exchange has been archived, preserving its original state (so that Joseph Postma is not able to make any edits or delete evidence what he has done). The archived site can be viewed by anyone to verify what I explain in this article (link within).

Below is a bit of the back-and-forth between Postma and me.


I don’t think there are many real scientists who would consider your ideas real science. You make incorrect claims about the basics of the greenhouse effect:

Joseph E Postma:

Get yourself educated by watching the 3 instructional videos at this link:


Instructional videos? You just made presentations which make false claims. You claim the “radiative greenhouse effect” isn’t real, even though we measure it, and it can be demonstrated using ordinary household materials. Even MythBusters did this pretty easily:

At this point, it seems Postma decided to pose as me in a new comment. His idea was to first send a reply to the comment above, explaining to me that the people on the MythBusters TV show are not scientists and encouraging me to watch his videos, and then to reply to that comment, posing as me, which would agree with him. Here is Postma’s reply, which he decided would “convince me”:

Joseph E Postma:

Sorry for your confusion, but I quite precisely present the radiative greenhouse effect of climate alarm and explain and debunk its illogical and unphysical foundations, and my videos also debunk and explain what the MythBusters thought they were doing.

If you’ve watched the Mythbusters, who are not actual scientists BTW, then you should take the time to watch my videos since I am an actual practicing scientist.

Another comment, submitted by someone using the username TheSkepticJournal (without my knowing or permission) said the following:

Not TheSkepticJournal (but commenting with the username TheSkepticJournal):

You’re right, the Mythbusters isn’t a legitimate source of science knowledge. I have begun watching your videos and can see that the foundations of climate science and alarmism and its greenhouse effect are literally FLAT EARTH PHYSICS! It’s such a joke, such a farce, and I can’t believe that I have believed it up until now! Thanks for the work you are doing trying to educate the public and other scientists about this political fraud, and this pseudoscience.

Unfortunately for Postma, there are two major problems with this:

  1. These were posted in the wrong order. Postma clearly meant to post his reply in response to my comment criticizing his videos. Instead, he accidentally posted his reply to the comment he submitted posing as me in which I had been “convinced.” Screenshot:

    Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.26.28 AM

  2. The timestamps show that the “convinced” comment was approved only two minutes after the comment in which I criticized his videos. If one follows the link to his videos, one can see that the lengths of these three videos range from 12 minutes to over an hour. How exactly did I become convinced in just two minutes? All of the timestamps have been preserved in the archived page.

Since this exchange, I have been blocked from posting any more comments to Postma’s page.

Mr. Postma, it is time to stop spreading your false and anti-scientific ideas. What is worse is that you know your ideas are so bad that you have to resort to this kind of dishonest behavior. You have exposed yourself as a fraud who intentionally poses as other people to misrepresent those who call you out on your denial.